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Bringing Community Back to Insurance


Our Group of


Tailored, cost effective solutions for group disability benefits and warranty programs. More

A wellness app presenting engaging activities informed by behavioural science best practices. More


A risk-sharing platform that facilitates the process of self-insurance among communities.  More


An innovative online platform making life insurance more affordable and easier to understand. More


Our Vision

Innovating upon traditional insurance concepts by developing evolved and modernized solutions that are more closely aligned with our customer’s needs.

Besurance Corporation is a privately held insurance and technology incubator/innovator composed of three workstreams that include an MGA (AIME Financial), You 2.0 (Dynamic Lifestyle Underwriting through a health and wellness platform) and Besure (Software as a Service facilitating social insurance, peer-to-peer risk sharing, and product incubation.)

Our objective is to innovate upon traditional insurance concepts and develop evolved and modernized solutions that are more closely aligned with our customer’s needs.

Our vision is to identify and close the gap between coverage consumers have available to them and the protection they need. We achieve this by leveraging our consumer research panel to understand marketplace deficiencies, modifying insurance products and wrapping them in social technology. This approach enables us to restore a many to many, community element that encourages idea sharing, innovation, and a participatory culture.

By bringing insurance back to its communal roots, We are strengthening the relationship between the insured and their providers. 

Our goal - To Change the Face of Insurance.


Our Info

1214, 12 Royal Vista Way NW, Calgary, AB, T3R 0N2
Tel:  403-313-5740


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